We don’t build wine cellars, we create wine rooms

At Uncommon Wine Rooms, we’re all about designing and building a wine room unique to your own personal style; a wine room that will protect and beautifully display your collection for years to come. The concept of a dark, stone-lined wine ‘cellar’ below ground is often not a practical solution. With the advent of space efficient cooling systems, Uncommon Wine Rooms has climate controlled storage solutions for just about any location. Whether in your basement, a spare bedroom or closet, off the living/dining room, or under a staircase, we can customize a solution for you regardless of the size of your room, your collection or your budget.

The enemies of wine are heat, light and vibration

Wine likes to be stored at a constant cool temperature, in a dark place, and away from vibrations. Frequent and rapid fluctuations in temperature can be detrimental to the proper aging of wine. Storing wine at the ideal and constant temperature allows it to undergo chemical reactions at a rate that produces desirable changes in composition and flavour over time.

Protect your investment with integrated climate control

Proper climate control measures are imperative to the success of any wine room, and represent the most important component in a wine room’s construction.

  • Temperature
    • Red wine ages best at an unwavering temperature at around 14C (57F) and 65% relative humidity. It is important for proper aging that the temperature is kept under constant control.
    • As red wine is best consumed at 18C, it can be advisable to add a small wine fridge for the wines that you intend to drink in the near future.
  • Humidity
    • Another concern for storing wine is the relative humidity level in the wine room. Humidity levels that are too high (above 80%) can result in the growth of mold, which ruins wood, cork stoppers, labels and other paper surfaces.
    • Too low a humidity will dry out the corks and cause excessive evaporation. Excess amounts of oxygen-rich air will replace precious drops of your fine vintages during the evaporation process and destroy them through premature aging.