At Uncommon, we want you to enjoy working with us almost as much as you enjoy sampling your wine collection. We’re proud of the work we do and are happy to provide you with references from our many satisfied clients.

Here are some of our latest projects:

Ranchhouse Wine Alcove
This wine ‘room’ was part of a basement renovation in a rustic log home. The client wanted to add a bedroom and wine room without building an addition to the existing structure. This project is a good example of what can be done with a small space that still accommodates a sizable bottle capacity. A similar approach could be taken to convert an existing closet into a wine room.

Collection Size: 200 bottles, with potential capacity for 300 bottles when using 3 bottle deep racking throughout

Room Size: 6’W x 2’D x 7’H

Design Aesthetic: Consider the rustic nature of the home, but with a contemporary twist.

Racking: Vintage View in Brushed Nickel finish with three display configurations (three bottle deep, angle display and one bottle deep)

Climate control: Whisperkool® Through the Wall cooling unit

Solution: Instead of building a separate room for the wine collection, we created a two foot deep cabinet with a glass front which became part of the bar area in the basement. The bedroom was constructed behind the wine cabinet back wall.

The wine room was enclosed in rustic beams and features a stone back wall. Coloured LED accent lighting gives the whole space a warm feel. The bottom part of the racking is three bottles deep which is used for bottles that are to be aged. There is a horizontal presentation row for showcase bottles and above that is racking that is one bottle deep for wine that can be consumed in the immediate future.


Priddis Country House Wine Room
This wine room was part of a new home build. Our client wanted a custom built wine room but had a limited budget available so we had to get creative. He also wanted to be able to store his entire wine collection and scotch collection.

Collection Size: 1200 bottles with additional space for a scotch collection

Room Size: 13’W x 8’D x 9’H

Design Aesthetic: French Country with contemporary elements

Racking: Modular Premier Cru® racking system in Sapele wood with a custom cabinet for the scotch collection and a presentation wall with Vintage View metal racking in brushed nickel and LED accent lighting.

Climate control: Wine Guardian® ducted system with integrated humidifier.

Solution: By using our modular Premier Cru® racking system with additional custom elements, we were able to complete the project with one third less of the budget of a completely custom solution and still have a custom look.


Millarville Country Home
This wine room was part of an existing residence, where the physical room was already constructed but no racking yet installed. The owners have a climate controlled wine room in their primary home, and as this is a secondary home with a smaller collection, climate control was not required. Even though this is not their main wine collection, the owners wanted a wine room built to reflect the quality of their custom home.

Collection Size: 386 bottles

Room Size: 7’W x 6’D x 8’6”H

Design Aesthetic: Old world with contemporary elements

Racking: Custom wood racking in Redwood and Vintageview® metal racking in black

Climate control: None

Solution: Since the physical room was already constructed, we were limited in our design options. Using CAD drawings in both 3D and plan views, we came up with a creative solution that aligned with the owner’s taste and budget. As you descend the stairs to the wine room, the coloured LED accent lighting (with unlimited colour choices) gives the room a warm and welcoming feel.