You are only limited by your imagination. At Uncommon Wine Rooms, we take you through the design process step by step to ensure that your finished room is one you have always dreamed of.

Step 1. Consultation
We will provide you with a free consultation, whether you are building a new home, are renovating, or just want to convert an existing space into a wine room. Upon visiting with you we will get an idea of your décor style and assess the physical space that you have available for your wine room. We’ll show you some of our projects, discuss your budget and timelines and decide if we move to step two.

Step 2. Design Discussion
Based on the information gathered in Step 1, we’ll present some options using photographs, sketches and material samples, along with a cost estimate. We’ll brainstorm further ideas around componentry, racking and lighting and discuss relative costs.

Step 3. Finalize budget
We will provide you with an exact cost of your wine room, depending if you want us to do construction and installation start to finish (turnkey) or if you prefer to do some of the labour yourself or have your own contractor do part or all of the job.

Step 4. Drawings
The next step is to provide you with CAD drawings in floor plan view, elevation views and 3D perspective, so that you have a very good idea what the interior of your wine room will look like. We charge a separate fee for this, which will be credited to your project once we sign off on the project.

Step 5. Sign off
We will incorporate any final refinements and changes made to the initial drawings so we can sign off on the project and componentry can be ordered. A 50% deposit will be required.