Proper components in the construction process are imperative to the success of any wine room and should be specified and installed by experts.

Climate Control Systems

  • We have several solutions for the climate control of your wine collection, where the temperature and humidity can be integrated within the same cooling unit.
  • As a dealer and distributor of several makes and brands of wine room cooling and humidification systems, we’re well equipped to provide you with the best climate control systems for your collection. These include:
    • Through-the-wall cooling units with optional supplemental humidifier
    • Ducted and Ducted-split systems with optional integrated humidifier

Another important factor in wine room construction is the installation of  quality insulation and vapour barrier. The vapour barrier needs to be installed on the exterior of the wine room walls (warm side). Insulation values of minimum R-12 for walls and R-24 for ceilings are highly recommended. The better the insulation, the less your cooling unit will have to work, and the least amount of electrical energy will be expended.

The wine room door should be of exterior grade with a threshold and weather stripping. Glass doors should have double-paned glass.

Note: There is a trend to use complete glass walls for wine rooms, so that the entire wine collection is visible from the connecting room. While nothing is impossible in wine room design, these wine room solutions usually require larger cooling units, as glass is not a very good insulator.

Depending on the design aesthetics of your wine room in combination with the racking system(s) of your choice, there are numerous options available, which will determine the construction of your walls, ceiling, doors and lighting. Some material choices are stone, wood, metal, glass or reclaimed materials. LED lighting is our preferred lighting system, for longevity and low heat output. The minimum requirement for walls is moisture resistant drywall or concrete board.

Racking Options
While the choices for racking materials is only limited by your imagination, we are a proud dealer and distributor of a number of premium racking systems to suit your design needs. We will recommend the ideal style and configuration, whether using modular racking, custom racking, or a combination.

Rosehill Wine Cellars
We have a special partnership with Rosehill Wine Cellars in Ontario. Rosehill’s factory is geared purely towards the design and production of wine racking systems with high quality precision machining. The design options are limitless.

We are also a proud distributor of the Rosehill Premier Cru® modular wood racking line. While the features are the same quality and material thickness as completely custom racking, these racking systems come at a kit price, especially geared towards the budget conscious client. There are many sizes and configurations to suit your needs, available in Redwood, Toasted Maple and Sapele (African Mahogany). We are happy to provide a Premier Cru® Modular Wood Racking Price List.

Vintageview ® Metal Racking
This contemporary racking system is one of our most popular. The main feature of Vintageview® is that the labels of the bottles face towards you. You have a complete overview of your collection and can prominently feature your most prized bottles. There are several design configurations and the racking is available in six finishes.


Cable Wine Systems®
If you want a minimalistic look where the bottles appear to be floating in space, Cable Wine Systems® is for you. From the finest grade of stainless steel cables secured by tension set mounts and connecting clamps made of solid brass with brushed nickel or chrome finishes, this wine racking system is sure to enhance the visual impact of any wine collection.

VindeGarde ® Wine System
Where industrial design meets art—this beautifully simple racking design consists of ingenious pegs with numerous configurations and fastening options. A variety of finishes means a unique finished product.

Five Easy Steps – Build

Step 1. Schedule
Upon your approval of the final design and budget, we will create a construction schedule for your review, and optional CAD drawings.

Step 2. Specify
Next we specify, order and fabricate the components that are needed to complete your wine room.

Step 3. Quality Control
When all the components are on hand, we do an inventory to ensure completeness, quality and design accuracy of every component.

Step 4. Delivery
The components will delivered to your site in a timely fashion and on an as needed basis.

Step 5. Installation
Our specialized craftspeople and installers will arrive at your job site and will go to work to turn your space into the wine room of your dreams.